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Alfa Dental

Olsztyn, Poland

We met at one of the conferences. Initially, it seemed that we would be making a website. A week later, I visited the clinic.

After in-depth analyzes and conversations, we began cooperation with a three-stage training cycle.

The first module covered management, effective sales of dental services, and business development. We did it together with the clinic’s owners.

The second module was intended for the crew, and concerned communication with the patient, the last concerned service standards.

The third module was a summary and repository combined with the definition and implementation of service standards.

After half a year, when the clinic was perfectly organized, we started marketing in social media. The website was created 16 months after starting cooperation.

The effect:

4 x raising the company's turnover

3 x raised the number of patients

2 x the number of patients who decide to undertake comprehensive treatment

Our friendship and beautiful relationships for life

Noir Dental Clinic

Gdańsk, Poland

We previously cooperated with Dr. Ewa Chomik in the field of personal branding.

Everything was successful then. So when Dr. Ewa decided to open her own clinic, starting cooperation was a matter of course.

We created the name NOIR Dental Clinic together. Together with the name, we have created visual identification and full branding. I trained the team in effective communication with the patient. We created a website, social media channels. We made several photo sessions. We made several video films.

Today it is one of the most exclusive brands on the dental market in Poland. Boutique quality, individual approach to the patient.

Our client’s full success and our great satisfaction.

The effect:

Creation of an exclusive brand, concept, strategy, and their execution

Pre-order concept - the clinic began to bring profits already in the second month after opening.

3 weeks ahead filled calendar with patients

The plans are to open an additional section of the clinic with another three dental chairs


Gdańsk, Poland

We started cooperation a month before opening an additional clinic section consisting of 5 dental chairs.

We have created effective social media channels at an express pace. We have completed 5 episodes of a vlog, whose task was to build awareness and direct to services.

In the following months, we delivered between 55-70 new patients via FB.

In the next stages, we refreshed the branding and logo, in 3 months, we created the website and introduced google campaigns, which have increased the traffic of new patients even today.

A staff training course in communication with a patient has allowed utilizing that traffic more effectively, and more patients were embedded in full implant therapy.

The effect:

New, reliable and premium branding

Effective social media channels (Facebook and Instagram)

Top position in Google Ads searches

Strong partnership in dental world

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